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Amazake: Traditional Japanese drink rich in enzymes with Natsuko Yamawaki of Hakkoan

Although Amazake literally means “sweet sake,” it does not contain any alcohol. A deliciously sweet and creamy natural beverage, nowadays Amazake is enjoyed as a warming winter drink. However, during the Edo period of Japanese history (think samurai and geisha) Amazake was enjoyed year round. Children and the elderly drank Amazake to combat the exhausting effects of extreme heat during the summer monsoon season. Amazake can be thought of as a natural predecessor to today’s energy drinks. It contains so many natural vitamins and nutrients that it is often called a “natural IV drip.” Amazake is made with koji which is cultured rice that has been incubated overnight to produce a lightly fermented food rich in enzymes and nutrients. Amazake is easy to make at home. Learn to make your own Amazake to use in cooking and baking and as a healthy base for your daily smoothie!


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