Workshop Times & Last Minute Updates

Here’s the workshop (and music) lineup:

4:30 pm: The Magic of Kefir with Angela Davis

5:30 pm: Kimchi with Evgeniya Kim

6pm-ish: Concerts in the Kitchen

7:00 pm: Kombucha & Making it Taste Delicious with Avi Rose

All workshops run approximately 15-30 minutes

Additional notes:

There will be a big pot of rice and a heap of bread to partner with the funky delicious ferments.

Please label your ferment with your name and at least a general description. There will also be material on hand to make a label after you arrive.

Plus, all the original details:

Gather for a celebration of homemade fermented food & drink!

Fermentation is everywhere and it deserves our love and attention. My goal is to encourage people to ferment foods, come together to enjoy them and share our experiences making them. In a world of fetishization of the food professional, let’s celebrate the amateur fermenter. Think of this as not only a party, but also an informal tasting.

Do you make something special with your homemade ferments? Maybe you concoct a unique mustard from your own vinegar, or cook up a satisfying soup from your own miso, or perhaps you incorporate home-aged cheese into some delicious dish. How about an awesome kraut or kimchi! If so, this is your opportunity to share these types of things.

The guidelines are simple: bring a homemade fermented food or drink or something made with a homemade ferment to share. If you’re unsure if it’s fermented, just drop me a line and ask. Alternatively (or additionally) bring a culture/starter to swap at the culture exchange table.

RSVPs to Zack at requested. Please share this with anyone who might be interested.

Sunday, April 14
4 to 8 pm

Brooklyn Free School
372 Clinton Ave (between Greene & Lafayette)
Brooklyn NY 11238

This event is free, but we’ll pass the hat to support our generous hosts.

Sour is the new sweet!

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